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Thank you very much. It has really bothered me in the last 24 hours as my solicitor mentioned it and i have literally got my knickers in a twist and have been baffled as to why i could not seen any of my competitors on the consumer credit register. I feel relieved that I can continue progress now but will go ahead and make the application so that i can offer more than 3mths hire next year. Can i still state on the website that they can have the bag as long as they want and then put a little asterisk beside this statement then the asterisk will explain that this will only hold for those members who have been registered for at least three months, actively borrowed at least once and kept their account in good standing ie returned it within the agreed timeframe (ie max 2mths) ? This would give me time to have the licence in place.

Finally, use your common sense. There are areas of the city that are obviously dodgy late at night, if you’re walking alone stick to the main thoroughfares and avoid the many poorly lit, narrow back streets. If you’ve had too much to drink, take a cab they’re quite cheap. Always keep a sheet of paper with the address of your apartment on it, and just hand this to the driver when you get in. But beware, don’t loiter outside the cab, and be careful of your bag as you climb in as you are particularly vulnerable at that moment.

Food has gotten feet through Target doors during the recession, but it’s still a work in progress. The company doesn’t even operate its own food distribution, a function rival Walmart mastered long ago, to its advantage. Fashion,big soccer balls, though, is something Target has a handle on and is central to its reputation. In drawing in the stylish names it has, the company is making it more acceptable for haute designers to work with mass market retailers. And what’s true now also will be when the recession ends and frugal consumers become a bit more disposed to spending money on fashion, particularly at Target prices. So,wwwbubble, while food isn’t going away, fashion is making a comeback. Considering that for much of the past decade, Target’s comparable store sales grew at a better rate than those for Walmart, management’s nurturing of the style business should pay off.

Practical, pretty and professional. A cardigan does the work of a jacket, but is more comfortable and more feminine. It can go casual with a pair of jeans or all dressed up over a flirty frock. Because it’s a knit,big soccer balls, it packs well, so it’s an essential for any trip, be it for business or pleasure. And it’s easy to tuck into a handbag in case you get caught in an overly air conditioned room or in a situation that requires you to cover up, for instance, if you’re touring a church or mosque. Lightweight cashmere in a solid colour is probably the most versatile choice, but of the moment is a patterned version in paisley,big ball soccer, floral or animal stripe.

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